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SIMPLE 6 - A simple daily practice for creating healthy positive thoughts, feelings and actions.

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

TWO acknowledgments of gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life that you are thankful for, that make you happy. “I am so thankful for my health, friends; family; my ability to learn, laugh, love. “My health. My eyes.” Good news! It’s impossible to feel grateful, thankful and happy and be angry, depressed or sad at the same time. A feeling and attitude of gratitude has a dynamic, healing, soothing, heart swelling effect - and usually brings a smile to your face.

TWO compliments, acknowledgments, saying something nice to someone else. Children blossom with praise!! Anything and everything, small and large. Praise the behavior you want to see more of. “You are smart. Your room looks great! Thanks for helping with.....” Acknowledge and recognize people for being such a good wife, husband, friend, brother, boss or just for who they are; kind, loving, creative, supportive, friendly, accepting.... Praise is a dynamic self-esteem booster that all of us will enjoy as a steady diet.

TWO compliments or acknowledgments a day to yourself. This will probably be the hardest to do and also the most beneficial. Giving your wonderful self a compliment has a powerful impact. Example: “I am.... fill in the blank... a caring person - resourceful, trustworthy...honest. It's okay to just think the compliment or whisper it to yourself, it has a spectacular effect on the healthy hormones your brain sends to your body. A rule of the mind is that it can only think one thought at a time and you get to choose what that thought will be!! Tell yourself what you would like to hear someone say about you. Be your own best friend. Just give yourself permission to celebrate yourself.

Stay away, very far away from the poisoning effect criticism has on you and others. Criticism never fixes anything, always alienates and hurts. Do you like being around someone who constantly criticizes you? Nobody else does either!

EFFECTS - Adopting Simple 6 into your life moves you from negative thinking to positive thinking about yourself and your life in general. You are in charge!! You are choosing new ways of thinking and feeling. Whatever you’re looking for you’ll find. You get to decide! Good or bad. Happy or sad. What you turn your attention to increases and you get to choose which path you take. Always looking for something positive to say about someone creates an accepting demeanor and attitude towards friends and family. The ripple effect is that you feel better about yourself physically and mentally and others like being around you. All the happy, positive thoughts have a direct wonderful healing effect on your body.

WARNING: This new way of thinking may feel uncomfortable for a while because it’s a different way of feeling and thinking about yourself and others. Hang in there!! It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Soon Simple 6 will be the new normal, rewarding way to think, feel, and act.


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