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Every morning we grab our toothbrush and clean our teeth, brushing away any gremlins trying make a comfy bed of decay in our teeth. Sometimes it takes extra time and effort locating all those hiding places.

Now what about our beautiful, brilliant minds? How many sabotaging, toxic gremlin thoughts have made a comfy bed in our minds? For years? Smothering, strangling, trampling, mangling any thoughts of how unique, wonderful, resourceful, resilient we are? Wasting our precious time and energy holding grudges, bitterness, envy, jealousy, self-deprecation. Giving our power to someone, something else. All the hurtful, harmful, negative, scary, mean thoughts about our self that have made life miserable up until now. It's time to take out the garbage!

One reason these toxic thoughts are so hard to find and so well hidden is because they’ve been there so long we feel like they belong, it all feels so familiar. We’re used to having these thoughts. They’ve been around for years. Now is the time to shine a powerful spotlight on these poisonous thoughts and bring them out of hiding. Are they really beneficial in any way to us? Is there any way that self-doubt and negative thinking enhances our daily life?

Remember science has proven the benefits that just thinking positive, happy, optimistic thoughts, causes our wonderful brain to send out endorphins, those "feel good" chemicals. The 66 positive statements are a source of refreshing statements to get you started.

I hear people say, “I like doing Simple 6, I just forget to do it”. Now you’ve got a toothbrush buddy so you won’t forget!! Every time you brush your teeth the toothbrush buddy steps in and dings the bell - Okay, now clean your mind, take the garbage out.

And as you travel each day embrace those statements of gratitude, be on the lookout for compliments you can give other people, and most of all appreciate and acknowledge all the great things about yourself!!

What a great way to spend the day!

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